With my schedule being so busy. I was watching posts from Mr. Bucco's social media for quite some time. I went to a store to get a suit for my son's wedding and was so disappointed at the service, I decided to give Mr Bucco an opportunity. I told him I would come to him, he said I will meet you at your office with my Mobile Boutique. I can only say this the service was more then what I expected he even told me about a fit issue that I didn't realize I had. What an experience he even helped me figure out what would be a perfect look for the wedding. I will tell you if you have not tried his service you really need to.

P Scocca

Easiest way to get a great suit! 2017-11-19

I want to thank you very much for the suit you made for my wedding day. It came out truly amazing, everyone loved the touches and the little details on it and I felt amazing in it. Thank you for being a big part of me and my wife's special day with the suit. I will definitely be contacting you next time I need something. I will be referring you out to all my friends and family. You made me and my day feel so special. Thank you again!

R Nutkis

My Wedding suit! 2017-06-26

Carmen, as always, I love my suits. I get so many compliments, you make me look good! Anyone who wants quality, great service and a person who customize your own style- go to Carmen! Thank you Frank


Awesome Service and Suits 2017-06-16

Thank you Carmen. I appreciate everything you did today. You were highly professional and you know your shit and I'm looking forward to my new customized wardrobe for my job. Anyone looking for quality customized Suits, Sport Jackets, Shirts he'll come Directly to your door step on his mobile boutique and his prices are REASONABLE. You don't get this kind of treatment at Nordstrom or Jos A Bank. The Mobile Boutique what a concept. If you have not tried this service it is a must!

Victor R

Wow! What a service for custom suits 2017-06-14

Carmen is amazing. I don't think of getting my stuff from anyone or anywhere else anymore. People comment all the time. Some of the best money I've ever spent. Seriously.

Ryan S

Amazing 2017-05-18

This could not have been easier or more rewarding. Carmen managed to nail the suit in one fitting, and it was super convenient. I am already picking out more clothes to buy.

John H

Attorney 2017-05-17

Carmen not only delivers a high quality product, but he truly understands the level of service that should be given. He consistently exceeds my expectations and delivers all clothing within the timeframe that he sets. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experiences over the last 7 years of using Carmen and his company.

Jason B

Perfection! 2017-05-17

Carmen came to our home for a small wedding party. Was extremely patient and offered his own expert recommendations for our event. For the final fitting of our wedding party, everything was perfect. I would welcome and recommend anyone to buy a suit or suits from Carmen Bucco.

Billy Erezuma

Wedding Party – Amazing Quality – Amazing Service 2017-05-13

I have been misled by so many custom tailors. I needed new suits and the stores had limited choices. I asked a friend who then referred me to Carmen Bucco. Yes I was still hesitant but what did I have to loose he was referred to me. He came to my place with this amazing looking truck and when I stepped in I was even more amazed at the detail an all the product he carried on the truck. I decided to order a few suits and shirts. He told me 6 weeks but if they came in sooner he would let me know. He came back 4 weeks later, I tried everything on and all he had to do was lengthen the pants a bit. I was so surprised I ordered more and referred him to my friends. Keep up the outstanding work and service. I plan on being a lifelong client.

John E

What a service an concept 2017-04-30

"I just got back from a really convenient experience. Normally I am not one to write testimonials but I owe it to Carmen Bucco of Bucco Couture as his service was exceptional. I shopped on what they call their Luxury Mobile vehicle and it really is like walking in to a high end store that I frequent. I was able to try things on and also purchase Gucci Cologne that I was almost out of. Carmen definitely has been doing this for a long time, just by looking at me he was able to pick out some styles that I like and also show me fabrics that I have never seen before. I left the experience with a new suit"

Marc A

Bucco Couture Mobile 2017-04-17

"I have been looking for a traditional navy blue blazer that actually fit me well for years. I was referred to Carmen by a friend and I could not be more pleased. He created the perfect custom blazer that fits me like a glove – exactly what I wanted. He also recut and restructured an existing tuxedo jacket for my upcoming wedding. No longer does the tux jacket look boxy…it fits me perfectly and now looks custom made! I will be using Carmen again in the near future and for years to come. I am sure you will not be disappointed in his work."

John L

Amazing fit, Quality, Service and personality 22-07-2016

"Carmen Bucco is my clothier when I wish to order custom made suits, jackets, and shirts. I have had many items made by Carmen and I am always satisfied. His designs are cutting edge and traditional. The quality of his fabrics, constructions and stitching is beyond compare. If you're like me and like to look RAZOR SHARP all the time or for that important meeting, then I suggest you cal carmen, have him take your measurements, and make you a suit and a few shirts."

Jerry Casser

Hired Carmen as a Custom Clothier in 2006, and hired Carmen more than once 25-06-2013

"Carmen Bucco is a very generous businessman. I attended a networking event for a local education foundation. Carmen Bucco donated a suit as a door prize. I was fortunate to win the suit. I must admit that I expected to receive the low end of his line but to my surprise Carmen told me to go to his web site and pick out any suit I wanted. When I called him to tell him my choice, he spent time with me explaining to me which suits would be the best choice based on my business needs, body type, etc. After I settled on my selection, I was invited to be measured by his tailor. The order was placed and delivered in short order. Carmen never discussed what the cost would have been if I had be actually buying this garment. When he delivered the suit to me, key word being "delivered", I couldn't resist asking what this would have cost if I was paying for it. Let's just say that I didn't get the bottom end of the collection. If Carmen treated me that well for a free suit, what should I expect if I were making a large purchase? Carmen understands how to treat customers, whether you're buying clothing or real estate from him you can rest assured that you will be treated like a king or queen!"

Joe L

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value 25-06-2013

"Carmen has been selling and tailoring clothes for me for over 7 years now. Carmen does much more than simply selling and tailoring, as he consults with me on my wardrobe and assists in choosing various styles and patterns. I have bought multiple suits, jackets, pants, ties, and even a tuxedo from Carmen, and they all look and fit great. Carmen is a true professional, and the quality and value of his clothes far exceed the prices. I highly recommend Carmen to anyone looking to add to their wardrobe.

Eric Fish

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative 25-06-2013

"Ever since I started using Carmen's company to make custom clothes for me, I have not needed to buy any suits or shirts in the stores. He is very creative when it comes to choosing patterns and styles based on what I currently own. I continue to use him to design clothing for me. I highly recommend him."

David Podell

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative 25-06-2013

"Carmen is extremely professional and focused on customer service. He goes the extra mile to make sure all his clients are happy and comfortable with their purchase. I will always refer and purchase my clothing from Carmen and Bucco Couture."

Bruce C

Bruce Cialfi, Branch Director, LC Healthcare Inc 25-06-2015

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