Full canvas verses half canvas suits

Fused Garment Vs Half Canvas Garment Vs Full Garment

A suit is properly made not only when it looks amazing on the intended wearer but when it oozes off style and elegance succinctly displayed in every stitch. For every beautifully cut part of a suit, a meticulous process was undergone. While buying a suit at the store may be super easy, buying a tailor-made suit may be a tad more cumbersome owing to the funny terms the suit makers may use! Not to worry, discussing these highlighted suit construction styles would help you understand better and arrive at a much-desired choice when you go tailor made suit shopping!

Fused Garment

For every uniquely made suits you see, there is a process called interlining underwent by the suit. Fused garments basically regard that between the outer layers of the suit you can see and the lining you see on the inside, there is a fused inner layer. The fusing is what holds materials together to give your suit a more powerful, bolder and amazing outlook. Yes, it is another method whereby fabric makers are able to attach beautifully the important components of your suit and truth be told, you cannot begin to imagine a suit made without this all-important process.

To get the best out of the interlining, materials like wool, viscose are used and are finished professionally to help increase the flexibility of the material. Your interlining materials are allowed to be thick, soft or even flexible.


The advantage of fusing a garment is that it helps or gives way for suits to be made at better price points though its disadvantages may far outweigh its advantages. Let us take a look at some of the added advantages of fused lining:

  • The basic reason for interlining is to give some sort of support to the garment as without it, the essence of wearing properly tailored materials would truly be defeated.
  • Interlining helps to give your garment a more beautiful, pronounced and sharper outlook.
  • It helps to control the shape of your garment. Trust me, without the interlining of a garment, you might as well look like you are wearing an extremely fat envelope.
  • Helps to increase the performance of your garment by holding pieces together while reinforcing the integral parts of your wear.


  • Typically, fused garments may not be suitable for everyday use as where it is constantly washed; the wool and fusing may separate hereby causing a bubbling in the chest area. Where you do not intend to use your suit for everyday use, you may consider a fused garment.
  • In comparison to other garment types, it gives off a stiff outlook and sadly, this cannot be fixed at a later time just in case you are thinking “I can manage then have it fixed at a later time!”
  • There is a presumption that the fused garment was created for the mass market hence it may lack the finesse other categories offer. In my candid opinion, going for this suit may mean going for lesser quality.

Half Canvas Garment

Yes, every man must own at least one piece of fine suit. There are parameters to use in getting a fine one. Having talked about the fused canvas, it is necessary that we talk about half canvas too! In a well-tailored suit, the half canvas essentially extends from the padded shoulder almost halfway down the body of the jacket. The idea is that the extension gives way for a fantastic and well-shaped suit shoulder structure. It also allows an elegant tapering of the jacket towards the waist.


With countless benefits to its name, here are the ones you should be concerned about:

  • Making a half canvas suit for tailors is way less cumbersome than a full garment.
  • Half canvas provides an amazing structure for your suits and fusing is not really a thing of worry.
  • In comparison to fused garments, half canvas garments are ten times better. They fit better and in most cases, feel even more comfortable!

On the flip side however, half canvas suits may be a tad more expensive than fused suits.

Full Canvas

Just like the half canvass, the difference is that the full canvass option moves further down the front of the jacket. By this, more structure and weight are added to the jacket apparently creating an avenue for the suit to fit even better.

Advantages and Disadvantages

A full canvas always fits better! It equally has the advantage of an improved durability over the other types; suffice to say that you may dry clean your full canvas suits as much as you want. Though on the reverse side however, it may feel sort of heavy and of course pricier than the other types of suits.

The goal in everything is being comfortable; it is however advised that if you can, look good while you are at it! We hope we were able to help you make a better suit choice!

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